This extensive exhibition features fifteen projects created by the 2023 student cohort of the MA in Virtual and Extended Realities. Featuring a range of work that is playful, critically engaged, performative and immersive.

From machine learning installations and dance performances, to animated Nigerian folktales in VR, augmented reality architecture and motion tracked silicone organs. The full list of works on show can be found further down the page.

What you will find here are creations by the people that will go on to lead the next wave of virtual and extended reality media production.

The entire exhibition is free and accessible*

Saturday 9th December from 11am – 6pm.

One of the works requires advanced booking – see below

Augmented Rendered Environment


An Augmented Reality application built for mobile devices that gives learners a 3-dimensional visualisation of the content they are learning about. Go beyond the limits of static 2D illustrations from textbook and engage with virtual 3D models that can be interacted with to help deepen the learners experience and enhance learning, through animated and interactive low poly models.



Our bodies operate in the cultural narrative that requires them to be stable and clearly defined. Hermaphrogenesis is an inquiry into our corporeality that takes the form of a participatory installation. You will manipulate human anatomy to create a brand new, androgynous organism. Combining physical and digital interaction, Hermaphrogenesis invites you to explore the possibility of rearranging even the most fixed systems.

Tales by Moonlight: Why the Gecko Lives in House Walls


The world of Yoruba folklore in a virtual reality animation.
Join Tortoise as he unravels the secrets of Gecko’s prosperity during a famine. Experience the mesmerizing power of ancient songs and the consequences of greed in this heartwarming story filled with lessons and surprises, where tradition meets technology for an unforgettable adventure.

Is it any stranger


Because of the site-specific elements of this performance it has been impossible to restage it in the relocated showcase location at short notice. The team creating Is it any stranger hope to present it early in 2024. To be informed of those performances, please email

Memories surface in unexpected ways as you encounter a stranger’s story of love, loss, and longing. A live performance augmented with realtime audio transmission and live caption glasses.



[ advanced booking essential – click here to book ]

Inspired by microorganisms called extremophiles that live on the edge of habitability, in some of earth’s most inhospitable environments, Hinterlands is a dance performance and mixed reality headset experience on the speculative futures of human evolution. Movement, spatial sound and augmented reality come together to create a space that unfolds differently for you and the dancers in the space. Through an invitation to move, you will explore our entanglement with the natural and digital world and our possibilities for surviving, evolving and becoming. [ not available Sunday 10th ]

Beauty Redefined


A piece of critical research surrounding the intersection of virtual influencers and their ethical implications for make-up brands on social media.



An investigation of a faltering relationship through virtual reality

DundunAR: A Cultural Odyssey


An augmented reality experience that celebrates cultural preservation, education, and promotion. Immerse yourself in the rhythms and melodies of the Dundun drum ensemble, a vital part of Yoruba culture – of the Old Oyo Empire.

Forgotten Giants


A Virtual Reality walkthrough experience from a unique perspective. ‘Forgotten Giants’ celebrates ancient Bristolian culture through a retelling of the folklore surrounding the creation of the Avon Gorge. Follow the Will O’ Wisp, your spirit guide through caves and watch as sculptures unfold to help you rediscover the tale of the two Giants. 

Augmented Liminality


A series of experiments in augmented reality exploring liminal space and the future of our cities

This is not a giraffe


Our AI has a pretty good idea of what a giraffe is, but it needs a little extra help to understand. A playful, hands-on installation about building new datasets and teaching computers about giraffes. 

Storying sports injury experiences in VR


Immerse yourself in the frustrating and exhausting world of the injured athlete in this virtual reality experience, while understanding the sports psychology that underpins their experience. Based on one of the six narratives outlined in research paper “Storying Sports Injury Experiences of Elite Track Athletes: A Narrative Analysis” (Everard, Wadey and Howells, 2021).

Reasonable Adjustments


An interactive VR narrative experience that sees you embody Gemma, a person who is dyslexic. Follow her story as you hear words in a whole new way, discover which colors help her read and understand what reasonable adjustments can be made for this learning difficulty.

Intune Room


Put on the headphones, lay down and close your eyes. The Intune room invites you to block all the external noise and allow yourself to travel through the vibration of music. 



Heather’s friend Bea has disappeared and she’s determined to find out what really happened. Soliciting the support of the internet, she struggles against a mysterious hacker and Bea’s secretive best friend in her search for answers. Aconite is a trans media experience about social media, mental health, and werewolves